I was texting with one of my work friends last night and we got on one of our favorite topics:  following your dreams.

Easier said (or texted) than done.

I’m a dream employee!  There, I said it.  I know I rock.  My bosses always adore me because I work my booty off and never complain.  I’m ALWAYS early to work.  I take my work very seriously and care (a lot) about accuracy and timeliness.  The problem is, I don’t love the work I do so even though I care about doing well, I don’t necessarily care about what I do.  At all.

To make matters worse, the past few months have involved quite a bit of overtime and some travel.  Leaving me with less time and energy for the things I do enjoy.

I know I need to be my own boss.  Why should I kill myself stressing out over something I don’t even care about, or work my butt off while someone else gets rich?  I shouldn’t. 

There are opportunities at my current place of employment if I want them.  But I don’t.  I don’t care about getting promotions, raises, recognition, or perks.  I care about being happy.

My dream for the future is to be a personal trainer.  I love exercise and helping people, and I could be the boss of me.  I started pitching the idea to my husband a couple of years ago and he’s never really warmed up to it.  Without getting into all the gory detail of our relationship, his goals are just different from mine and he would prefer I focus on making as much money as I possibly can.  He doesn’t feel that personal training is as lucrative a career as I would have otherwise.

But I’m a dreamer with mountains of confidence in my abilities.  And, if I’m not a great personal trainer, or if I decide I hate it, I can always go back to the office and make lots of money. 

With any luck, there will be big changes for me in the next year or two. 

And maybe then I’ll have time to blog more than twice a week!