One of my least favorite chores:


People give me a lot of credit for being so organized and motivated at everything I do.  But I’m telling you, it’s a struggle sometimes!

I pack lunch and snacks for myself and my husband EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

I also fix him breakfast-to-go (a Green Monster (that works on so many levels btw)) every morning. 

I do not enjoy doing this. 

I force myself to prep everything the night before. 

It’s healthier and much cheaper than buying lunches every day.  And it really doesn’t take that much time in the grand scheme of things.  I just don’t like it! 

The husband receives a smoothie, banana, mixed nuts, an orange, and usually leftovers for lunch.

I pack myself an organic apple w/almond butter, a Lara Bar, and some sort of ginormous salad.  Currently it’s this:


That’s some kale, quinoa, garbanzo beans, feta cheese, lemon juice, roasted eggplant, hummus, and balsamic vinegar.

I ate kale salad every day for months.  My co-workers thought I was crazy.  Then I announced that 2011 would be the year of arugula!  And I just last week switched back to kale.  I usually always have the same fun toppings!  It’s really tasty and full of vitamins and fiber and other super fun things.

So, even though I don’t want to spend 10 minutes of my evening putting lunch together, I do it.  I know it’s worth it, so I just do it!  I know it’s good for me, so I friggen do it! 

Don’t make excuses.  You know what’s good for you, so do it!

Because forcing myself to pack lunch takes so much out of me, I’ve been slacking on setting up my coffee maker for the following morning.  I’ve been cheating:


I told you I was lazy!


The Husband Loooooooves Famous Dave’s.

The only problemo is that I don’t eat meat regularly.  I think the cool kids call it being a “flexitarian”.  I try my best to eat a primarily plant-based diet and, since The Husband doesn’t cook, he does as well.

I’m defintely not Vegan or even Vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination, although I think both are excellent for your body, the environment, the cows and chickens, etc.  Honestly, it can just be very inconvenient and I’m just not that disciplined! 

Usually our house is meat-free, but definitely not free of eggs, ice cream, or cheese. 

When I do purchase meat, I buy free range/organic/grass fed/$$$.  The Husband isn’t down with this so I don’t do it very often.  When I buy meat just for him (pork), it’s the usual stuff because he doesn’t share my feelings on the subject.  When we eat out he always order a meaty dish.  And, heck, I may have a bite or two! 

This is how I roll at a BBQ joint:

*Baked potato with BBQ sauce, salt & pepper.

*Side salad with ranch (because they make their own and it’s the bomb!) on the side.

*Complimentary cornbread muffin

*Stolen fries and mac & cheese from The Husband.

Famous Dave’s has a baked potato and salad lunch combo, and they always kick me down with the same deal at dinner time.

I use the same strategy whenever we visit any BBQ place.

So there you have it!  I got some food in my belly and The Husband got ribs.  Everyone goes home happy!

This week has been nuts! 

Monday was my first day back after having been on vacay since the 8th.  It was also my last week in my old department.  I’ve been working in 2 different positions in 2 different departments at the same company since April.  We FINALLY got someone in to replace me, and a big chunk of my time and energy this week went towards training her.  I also had a deadline to meet in my new department….craziness.  Just.  Plain.  Craziness.

Monday:  Worked a whole heck-of-a-lot and then drug my sorry butt home.

Tuesday:  Left work on time for my standing exercise date with my BFF Becca.  We spent the time dying each others hair and drinking beer.  We’re classy ladies. The Husband cruised over and we went to Costco.  I had cheese pizza for dinner and then went home and ran 3ish miles.

Wednesday:  I think I got off on time…  I came home and did the Stronger and Hotter workout (I’m a proud Body Rocker).  Then I ran 5ish miles.

Thursday:  I had my standing exercise date with Becca, but the extent of our exercise that day consisted of walking to the grocery store to buy beer.  I told you we were classy.  We also did BFF Sara’s belly cast since she’s about to pop any day now.

It is completely normal (for me at least) to model a friend’s belly cast!  I did it with her last one too.

Friday:  This was a looooooong day!  I got off work late and then went directly to The Husband’s cousin’s casa to watch her 3 small children.  I don’t think we got to bed until midnight which is crazy late for old farts like us.

Today:  Woke up around 7, fixed breaky for The Husband and breaky #1 for me.  I had toast w/ organice PB&J before heading out on my run. 

Yeah, that’s the same outfit from Thursday…not I didn’t wash it (see plaster on right shoulder).

I did 8ish miles, came home, showered, shopped for a new laptop bag/option, hit the library, did laundry, fun stuff like that!  I’ve got a date coming up tonight at the fine local eatery Famous Dave’s.

Now for a little somethin something…

Why I Don’t Want to be Skinny

I do not consider myself to be “skinny”.  And I’m not just saying that as a way of fishing for compliments.  I don’t consider “skinny” to be a compliment. 

There was a time in my life when all I wanted was to be skinny and to have other people think of me that way.  I counted calories, did crazy diets, and exercised only to lose weight.  And I hated exercise.  I mean I REALLY hated exercise. Consequently, I didn’t exercise very much or very hard.  I’m pretty sure I tried my hardest to not sweat during a “workout”.  I was miserable and I never even felt skinny despite my efforts and the fact that, yes, technically, I was already pretty skinny.

One day I decided to get up early and go for a run outside.  I loved the fresh air and the time alone to just listen to music and clear my head.  I couldn’t do much running at first, but I kept trying day after day after day after day…  I started to really enjoy it.  I wanted to run further and faster and push my body and mind as hard as I could. 

My appetite increased with the added activitiy.  I found myself less concerned with calories, and more interested in eating the right foods to fuel my workouts. 

I also started adding in short weight-training sessions and yoga.

My body started to change.  I was probably losing weight, but I didn’t really care about weighing myself at that point.  What I was most excited about was how strong I felt.  And I liked it!  I was running and doing pushups for the first time in my life.  I could even run uphill!  I was doing things I couldn’t do when I was (or was trying to be) “skinny”.

Since then I’ve said goodbye to “skinny” and never (or rarely) looked back. 

Skinny girls aren’t Body Rockers. Skinny girls don’t run Marathons.  Skinny girls don’t help their hubbies lift jetskis into trucks…ok that part isn’t awesome.  But still, ***BEING STRONG IS THE JAM***