One of my least favorite chores:


People give me a lot of credit for being so organized and motivated at everything I do.  But I’m telling you, it’s a struggle sometimes!

I pack lunch and snacks for myself and my husband EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

I also fix him breakfast-to-go (a Green Monster (that works on so many levels btw)) every morning. 

I do not enjoy doing this. 

I force myself to prep everything the night before. 

It’s healthier and much cheaper than buying lunches every day.  And it really doesn’t take that much time in the grand scheme of things.  I just don’t like it! 

The husband receives a smoothie, banana, mixed nuts, an orange, and usually leftovers for lunch.

I pack myself an organic apple w/almond butter, a Lara Bar, and some sort of ginormous salad.  Currently it’s this:


That’s some kale, quinoa, garbanzo beans, feta cheese, lemon juice, roasted eggplant, hummus, and balsamic vinegar.

I ate kale salad every day for months.  My co-workers thought I was crazy.  Then I announced that 2011 would be the year of arugula!  And I just last week switched back to kale.  I usually always have the same fun toppings!  It’s really tasty and full of vitamins and fiber and other super fun things.

So, even though I don’t want to spend 10 minutes of my evening putting lunch together, I do it.  I know it’s worth it, so I just do it!  I know it’s good for me, so I friggen do it! 

Don’t make excuses.  You know what’s good for you, so do it!

Because forcing myself to pack lunch takes so much out of me, I’ve been slacking on setting up my coffee maker for the following morning.  I’ve been cheating:


I told you I was lazy!