Monday was long.

Today was rough.

Tomorrow will be brutal.

I was feeling wiped out after dinner tonight.  I sat on the couch trying to talk myself into a workout.  I’d gone for my regularly scheduled walk with Becca, but I knew I should do something to really get my blood pumping. 

My schedule called for 3 miles + Body Rock.

I decided to just commit to the 12 minute Death to Fat routine and call it a night.  I turned on an episode of The Office I had DVRd and got down to business.  And that was the end of exercise for the day!

It’s not what I had planned, but it’s better than nothing.

Life won’t always follow your plans.  I’m tired from work and don’t see the situation improving anytime soon.  I’ll have to make the best of things in the meantime!

My plans to run 9 miles on Sunday resulted in this hot sweaty mess:

It was humid and those pants were NOT moisture wicking!  I have the chaffing to prove it! 😦