The Husband Loooooooves Famous Dave’s.

The only problemo is that I don’t eat meat regularly.  I think the cool kids call it being a “flexitarian”.  I try my best to eat a primarily plant-based diet and, since The Husband doesn’t cook, he does as well.

I’m defintely not Vegan or even Vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination, although I think both are excellent for your body, the environment, the cows and chickens, etc.  Honestly, it can just be very inconvenient and I’m just not that disciplined! 

Usually our house is meat-free, but definitely not free of eggs, ice cream, or cheese. 

When I do purchase meat, I buy free range/organic/grass fed/$$$.  The Husband isn’t down with this so I don’t do it very often.  When I buy meat just for him (pork), it’s the usual stuff because he doesn’t share my feelings on the subject.  When we eat out he always order a meaty dish.  And, heck, I may have a bite or two! 

This is how I roll at a BBQ joint:

*Baked potato with BBQ sauce, salt & pepper.

*Side salad with ranch (because they make their own and it’s the bomb!) on the side.

*Complimentary cornbread muffin

*Stolen fries and mac & cheese from The Husband.

Famous Dave’s has a baked potato and salad lunch combo, and they always kick me down with the same deal at dinner time.

I use the same strategy whenever we visit any BBQ place.

So there you have it!  I got some food in my belly and The Husband got ribs.  Everyone goes home happy!