Yes, I’m using the default first-post-title.  We’re strangers, what do you want from me?

Allow myself to indroduce…myself:


I took 3 pictures that day and this was the best one.  I’m sweaty, my clothes don’t match, no makeup on my crazy face, and my lighting is BAD.  Like, really bad!

This picture is me.

I look sweaty and bedraggled because I just got home from a 10+ mile run.  I had to walk part of the way because it was crazy hot outside.  I could have run earlier in the morning, but opted to stay in bed and cuddle with my husband.  Priorities people!

And the snazzy gray and orange top is courtesy of the Ragnar Relay I participated in earlier this year.  My legs of the course were brutal and I had to live in a van full of strangers, but it was the most fun ever!  That shirt makes me feel like a warrior, even when I have to walk.

Pink shorts and crazy face…well, that’s just how I roll.

Let’s see how long I can make this blog thing last.